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QH 040144
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Data Element
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A code which signifies the patient's classification in the hospitals case mix, derived from the ICD-10-AM diagnostic codes for principal and secondary diagnoses, procedures performed, age, sex and discharge status.
Institutional health care:  The development of Australian Refined DRGs has created a descriptive framework for studying hospitalisation.   DRGs provide a summary of the varied reasons for hospitalisation and the complexity of cases a hospital treats.  Moreover, as a framework for describing the products of a hospital (that is, patients receiving services), they allow meaningful comparisons of hospitals' efficiency and effectiveness under alternative systems of health care provision.
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Diagnosis related group (DRG DSU)
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Valid DRG codes from the current version of the Australian Refined DRG Classification.  
ARDRG Definitions Manual Version 4.1 Volume I, II, and III. Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care, 3M Health Information Systems.
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DRGs received from facilities are re-calculated from the related data items at the Data Services Unit.
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As part of QHAPDC processing of inpatient data by the Data Services Unit (DSU), DRGs are re-calculated from the related data items and any discrepancies with the facility calculated items are queried.
The AR-DRGs are a patient classification scheme consisting of classes of patients who are similar clinically and in terms of their consumption of hospital resources.
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Related Metadata References
Has been superseded by Episode of admitted patient care-diagnosis related group (AR-DRG v4.2) QH 041587 Version 1
Is derived from Admission date-episode QH 040008 Version 1
Is derived from Birth weight QH 040001 Version 1
Is derived from Diagnosis code type QH 040099 Version 2
Is derived from Diagnostic code (ICD-10-AM) QH 040100 Version 2
Is derived from Intended length of hospital stay QH 040012 Version 1
Is derived from Mode of separation QH 040119 Version 3
Is derived from Separation date QH 040117 Version 1
Is derived from Sex of client QH 040000 Version 1
Is used in conjunction with Diagnosis related group (Facility calculated) QH 040097 Version 2
Is used in conjunction with Major diagnostic category (DSU calculated) QH 040145 Version 1
Supersedes Diagnosis related group (DSU calculated) QH 040144 Version 1
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Information AssetData CollectionQueensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHAPDC)QH 020001 Version 1Mandatory01-Jul-199930-Jun-2002
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