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QH 020276
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Information Asset
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Data Collection
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Information Management Strategic Governance Committee (IMSGC), Queensland Health
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The Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (GIEDC) is a monthly collection of patients who are still waiting on the gastrointestinal endoscopy waiting list in one of 48 reporting public hospitals. The GIEDC collects demographic, waiting list and service information to meet State reporting requirements and for benchmarking, planning, purchasing and performance purposes.
Short Name
Strategic Alignment Attributes
Actual or potential statewide coverage
Supports collection of all scheduled public gastrointestinal endoscopy services.
Absence would cause significant impact on QH business
Supports enterprise-wide decision making
Used for performance measurement, Service Level, and public reporting.
Supports enterprise-wide reporting requirements
Used for performance measurement and Service Level reporting.
Supports the strategic directions of QH
Used for performance measurement and Service Level reporting.
Strategic Asset Indicator
Collection and Usage Attributes
Guide for Use
To collect demographic and gastrointestinal endoscopy waiting list data for patients waiting for a GIE procedure, from Queensland Health services in scope of the GIEDC, for state reporting purposes.
GIEDC-Waiting is a unit record level data collection where the unit record is a waiting list entry for a patient with a registered service request for a gastrointestinal endoscopy procedure, at a public hospital listed in the Site Implemented section below, who are waiting at the census date.

Procedures in scope are elective, non-surgical or minimally invasive GIE procedures which can be either diagnostic (e.g. finding the cause of a symptom or checking a wound) and/or interventional (e.g. stenting a blockage or removing a stone or polyp). Elective and emergency gastrointestinal surgery and emergency GIE (i.e. immediately necessary procedures that cannot be managed by placement on a waiting list) are not within the scope of this data collection.
Demographic and gastrointestinal endoscopy waiting list information for patients waiting for a GIE procedure.
Sites Implemented
The facilities in scope of the GIEDC-Waiting are listed below:
Atherton Hospital
Ayr Hospital
Bundaberg Hospital
Caboolture Hospital
Cairns Hospital
Charleville Hospital
Charters Towers Hospital
Dalby Hospital
Emerald Hospital
Gladstone Hospital
Gold Coast University Hospital
Goondiwindi Hospital
Gympie Hospital
Hervey Bay Hospital
Ingham Hospital
Innisfail Hospital
Ipswich Hospital
Kingaroy Hospital
Logan Hospital
Longreach Hospital
Mackay Base Hospital
Mareeba Hospital
Maryborough Hospital
Mater Hospital Brisbane Public
Miles Hospital
Mount Isa Base Hospital
Nambour Hospital
Noosa Hospital
Princess Alexandra Hospital
Proserpine Hospital
Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital
Queensland Children's Hospital
Redcliffe Hospital
Redland Hospital
Robina Hospital
Rockhampton Hospital
Roma Hospital
Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital
St George Hospital
Stanthorpe Hospital
Sunshine Coast University Hospital
Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service
The Prince Charles Hospital
Thursday Island Hospital
Toowoomba Hospital
Townsville University Hospital
Warwick Hospital
Weipa Hospital
Published Outputs
Frequency of Updates
Data is collected on a monthly basis.
Information Security Classification
Access to the GIEDC-Waiting is at the discretion of the Data Custodian.
Access Constraints
Access to the data can be requested through the Hospital Access Analysis Team in the Healthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) by emailing HAAT@health.qld.gov.au.
Use Constraints
Unit record information is supplied by facilities in electronic format, for all patients who meet the scope definition described above, for the reporting month. Data is submitted to the Healthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) by midday on the 15th calendar day following each reporting month, and refers to patients on a GIE waiting list as at the 1st day of the month (the census date).
Statistical Unit
Reporting Requirements
The data from the GIEDC is primarily used by Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) for operational management of GIE waiting lists, and by the Healthcare Improvement Unit in supporting HHSs through service improvement initiatives in the GIE domain. The Department of Health can undertake planning, monitoring and purchasing activities for publicly funded health services on behalf of the state to optimise health gains, reduce inequalities and maximise efficiently and effectiveness of the health system.
Frequency of Reporting Requirements
Data reported routinely on a monthly basis.
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Data ElementFacility-facility codeQH 040006 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2021
Data Element ConceptGastrointestinal endoscopyQH 041975 Version 1Current01-Jul-2021
Data Element ConceptGastrointestinal endoscopy service requestQH 041976 Version 1Current01-Jul-2021
Data ElementGastrointestinal endoscopy service request-clinical urgency assessment categoryQH 041981 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2021
Data ElementGastrointestinal endoscopy service request-placed on waiting list dateQH 041979 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2021
Data ElementGastrointestinal endoscopy service request-planned procedure dateQH 042267 Version 1ConditionalDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementGastrointestinal endoscopy service request-ready for care statusQH 041985 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementGastrointestinal endoscopy service request-surveillance due dateQH 041983 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-2021
Data ElementGastrointestinal endoscopy service request-waiting time, total daysQH 043114 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data extract file nameQH 042785 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data extract period beginningQH 042065 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data extract period endingQH 042066 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data source systemQH 042067 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-number of data extract recordsQH 042068 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementHospital waiting list-census dateQH 040352 Version 3Current01-Jul-2021
Data ElementPerson (name)-first given name (HIU)QH 042069 Version 2ConditionalDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementPerson (name)-second given name (HIU)QH 042070 Version 2ConditionalDraft01-Jul-2021
Data ElementPerson-Indigenous statusQH 040290 Version 6MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2021
Data ElementService request-planned primary procedure code (ACHI 11th edn)QH 041982 Version 3MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2021
Data Element ConceptService request-ready for careQH 041977 Version 1Current01-Jul-2021
Data ElementService request-waiting list statusQH 041978 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2021
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Colonoscopy; Endoscopy; Gastrointestinal; GIE; GIEDC; Waiting list; Waiting time