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Elective Surgery Waiting List Removals Data Supply Requirement (DSR) 2018-2019
Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020429
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Data Supply Requirement
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HHS Service Agreement
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Executive Director, Healthcare Improvement Unit
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The Elective Surgery Data Collection (ESDC) is a monthly collection of patients who have been removed from the elective surgery waiting list in one of 52 reporting public hospitals. The ESDC collects demographic, waiting list and service information to meet State and national reporting requirements. The Elective Surgery-Removals Data Supply Requirement defines the meaning and describes the acceptable representation of a set of data elements required for submission.
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Collection and Usage Attributes
In Queensland public hospitals, there is a need for uniform and reliable information on the activity, demand and performance of elective surgery services. A state-wide elective surgery data collection provides Hospital and Health Services (HHSs), and the Department of Health, with consistent and actionable data.
From 1 July 2015, the HHS Service Agreements include a requirement that all in-scope services provide data to the collection according to a minimum data set, outlined in this document.
Elective surgery is defined as surgery for patients whose clinical condition requires a procedure that can be managed by placement on a waiting list. 
For the purpose of the Elective Surgery Data Collection, this is described as a service request with:
- A Clinical urgency category of 1, 2 or 3;
- A Surgical specialty code of 01 to 11.
Out of scope is emergency surgery, elective caesareans and medical inductions of labour. 
A list of in-scope facilities submitting to Elective Surgery Data Collection can be found in the ESDC manual.
Patients in the Waiting List Removals have had their procedures performed or have been removed from the waiting list for any other reason.
Information Security Classification
Statistical Unit
The statistical unit of count for Part A (Waiting List Removal) is a service request where the patient was removed during the reporting period.
Data Submission Guidelines
More information regarding Elective Surgery Data Collection submissions can be found in the manual: <INTERNAL QH LINK NOT AVAILABLE>
Data Submission Methods
The method of submission to the collection is detailed in the HIU Data Collection Guide 2018-2019. Services that use the Hospital Based Corporate Information System - Elective Admissions Management Module (HBCIS-EAM) has automatic interface that submits data to the data collection on census dates. All in-scope facilities have this interface with the exception of Mater Health Service. 

The census date is the point in time at which the waiting list is reported (Part B). The ESDC census date is the first day of each month. Although submission to the ESD is due by the 4th day of the month. Part B of the submission refers to the waiting list as at the census date. 

Although referred to as a date, the census date is technically a date and time, and represents the moment the clock switches from 23:59:59 at the end of the last day of the month to 00:00:00 at the start of the first day of the month. Patients added to the waiting list throughout the first day of the month, after the start of that day, are therefore not included as waiting at the census date (Part B).
Data Submission Dates
The ESDC 2018-2019 operates on a monthly basis and submission is required by midnight on the 4th calendar day following the reporting month.
A patient is removed from an elective surgery waiting list when a service request for a surgical procedure has been received and the patient has been wait-listed, and is subsequently removed from the waiting list with or without the procedure being performed. Reasons for removal may include:
- The procedure has been performed.
- The patient requested to be removed from the waiting list.
- The facility removes the patient from the waiting list according to local policy, which may include:
where the patient declines an offer of procedure; the patient fails to respond to audit measures
despite reasonable efforts to contact the patient; or the patient exceeds a not ready for surgery
time threshold for personal reasons.
- A designated clinician removes the patient from the waiting list for clinical reasons, such as the
patient being deemed not fit for the procedure due to co-morbidities requiring management for
stabilisation or investigation.
- The patient dies.
- The facility ceases the elective surgery service and transfers the patients on the waiting list to
another facility or an alternative care pathway.
When a patient is removed from an elective surgery waiting list and requires reinstatement, the same service request should be reinstated where possible, in order to continue the patient's waiting time from that previously accrued, with a not ready for surgery period applied where appropriate.
The scope of the ESDC is separated into Part A (Waiting List Removal) and Part B (Waiting List Census). This DSR details Part A of the ESDC.
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Implemented inInformation AssetData CollectionElective Surgery Data Collection (ESDC) QH 020110 Version 1Mandatory01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Included Data Elements and Performance Indicators


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ViewMetadata Item TypeNameAscendingIdentifier & VersionObligationApproval StatusEffective fromEffective to
Data ElementElective surgery waiting list episode-clinical urgency assessment categoryQH 040087 Version 4MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementElective surgery waiting list episode-date placed on waiting listQH 042273 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Derived Data ElementElective surgery waiting list episode-number of days not ready for surgeryQH 042318 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementElective surgery waiting list episode-reason for removal from a waiting listQH 042321 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Derived Data ElementElective surgery waiting list episode-surgical specialty (of unit of admission) (ESDC)QH 042322 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementElective surgery waiting list episode-waiting list removal dateQH 040983 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Derived Data ElementElective surgery waiting list episode-waiting time at removal, total daysQH 040963 Version 3MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementFacility-facility codeQH 040006 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data extract period beginningQH 042065 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data extract period endingQH 042066 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data source systemQH 042067 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-number of data extract recordsQH 042068 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementPerson (name)-first given name (HIU)QH 042069 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementPerson (name)-second given name (HIU)QH 042070 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementPerson-indigenous statusQH 040290 Version 5MandatorySuperseded01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementPlanned accommodation statusQH 040385 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementService request-planned primary procedure code (ACHI 10th edn)QH 041982 Version 2MandatorySuperseded01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Data ElementService request-waiting list statusQH 041978 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201830-Jun-2019
Source and Reference Attributes
Source Organisation
Department of Health (DoH)
Source Document
ESDC 2018-19 Minimum Data Set; ESDC 2018-19 Manual; HIU Data Collection Guide 2018-19

DSR; Elective surgery; ESDC; Part A; Removal; Waiting list