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Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC) Mother Data Supply Requirement (DSR) 2020-2021
Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020711
Metadata Item Type
Data Supply Requirement
Metadata Set Type
HHS Service Agreement
Approval Status
Approval Type
Approving Authority
Director, Statistical Collections and Integration, Statistical Services Branch
Effective From
Effective To
The Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC) Mother Data Supply Requirement (DSR) is a description of the minimum requirements for supply of mother details records of Queensland births to the QPDC for the 2020-2021 reporting period.

The QPDC Mother DSR includes only data elements required for provision of mother details records for Queensland Births and should be used in conjunction with the QPDC Baby DSR when supplying to the QPDC.
Short Name
QPDC Mother DSR 2020-21
Collection and Usage Attributes
The aims of the Queensland Perinatal Data Collection are to monitor patterns of obstetric and neonatal practice in the State and to provide statistical information on specific topics within these fields to assist with the planning of Department of Health services. It is also intended to be a basic source of information for research in obstetric and neonatal care and to be used in the education of students of midwifery and medicine.
Mother detail records are required for all births occurring in Queensland, delivered within a public or private hospital, or by a private midwifery or medical practitioner. The scope includes all livebirths, and stillbirths of at least 20 weeks gestation and/or at least 400 grams in weight.
Information Security Classification
Statistical Unit
Data Submission Guidelines
Information relating to neonatal morbidity is collected up until the baby is discharged from the birth admission or up until the baby reaches 28 days of age. These forms or extract should be forwarded to the Statistical Collections and Integration Unit within 35 days of the birth of a baby.
Data Submission Methods
Paper MR63D forms are completed by a small number of hospitals and private midwifery practitioners and submitted to the QPDC in this format. The form is designed to be an integral part of the obstetric record, both to reduce duplication of recording and to ensure optimum accuracy of data. 

Perinatal Online (PNO) is a web based application, developed by Statistical Collections and Integration Unit (SCIU), which enables facilities to enter perinatal data for both the mother and the baby(s) and perform an electronic extract to SCIU to report QPDC data. Alternatively, electronic file submissions may be transmitted following the QPDC electronic file format.
Data Submission Dates
Within 35 days of the birth of the baby.
Relational Attributes
Related Metadata References
Implementation in
RelationshipMetadata Item TypeMetadata Set TypeNameIdentifier &
Implemented inInformation AssetData CollectionQueensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC) QH 020003 Version 2Mandatory01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Included Data Elements and Performance Indicators


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ViewMetadata Item TypeNameAscendingIdentifier & VersionObligationApproval StatusEffective fromEffective to
Data ElementAdmitted patient hospital stay-admission date (QPDC DSR)QH 042543 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementAdmitted patient hospital stay-chargeable status of motherQH 042541 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementAdmitted patient hospital stay-facility mother transferred toQH 042488 Version 1ConditionalDraft01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementAdmitted patient hospital stay-separation date (QPDC DSR)QH 042525 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementBirth event-date of confinement (QPDC DSR)QH 042517 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementBirth event-early discharge program indicatorQH 042526 Version 2ConditionalDraft01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementBirth event-place of delivery, codeQH 042520 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementDate-estimated mother's date of birth indicatorQH 042540 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementDischarge status of mother/babyQH 040043 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementEpisode of care-facility referred/transferred from, codeQH 040116 Version 3ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale (pregnant)-advice given (tobacco cigarette smoking cessation) after 20 weeks of pregnancy indicatorQH 041486 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale (pregnant)-advice given (tobacco cigarette smoking cessation) during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy indicatorQH 041077 Version 2ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale (pregnant)-antenatal transfer indicatorQH 040037 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale (pregnant)-assessment for chorionicity ultrasound performed indicatorQH 040600 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale (pregnant)-estimated date of confinement (QPDC DSR)QH 042524 Version 1OptionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale (pregnant)-medical condition indicatorQH 040036 Version 3MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale (pregnant)-morphology ultrasound performed indicatorQH 040982 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale (pregnant)-nuchal translucency ultrasound performed indicatorQH 041076 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale (pregnant)-number of tobacco cigarettes smoked per day during the first 20 weeks of pregnancyQH 041484 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale-alcohol consumption after 20 weeks of pregnancy indicatorQH 040760 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale-alcohol consumption frequency after 20 weeks of pregnancyQH 042302 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale-alcohol consumption frequency in the first 20 weeks of pregnancyQH 042272 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale-alcohol consumption in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy indicatorQH 041388 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale-gestational age when influenza vaccine administered, completed weeksQH 041961 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementFemale-gestational age when pertussis vaccine administered, completed weeksQH 041963 Version 1ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Source and Reference Attributes
Source Organisation
Department of Health (DoH)
Source Document
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection MR63D Form
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC) Manual
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection File Format
Queensland Perinatal Online (PNO) User Manual

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