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QH 020005
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Information Asset
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Data Collection
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Information Management Strategic Governance Committee (IMSGC), Queensland Health
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The Financial and Residential Activity Collection (FRAC) is an annual collection of recurrent expenditure, revenue, staffing and other hospital related data reported by the three hierarchical levels of the public health system being declared public hospitals (acute and psychiatric), Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) and the State.
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Actual or potential statewide coverage
Absence would cause significant impact on QH business
Supports enterprise-wide decision making
Supports enterprise-wide reporting requirements
Supports the strategic directions of QH
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Guide for Use
To provide detailed information on public hospital establishments including expenditure, revenue and staffing (FTE) levels, teaching accreditation and identify specialised service indicators for hospitals for national and state reporting.
The scope of reporting to FRAC includes components relative to the three hierarchical levels of the public hospital system:
- public acute and psychiatric hospitals (PHE component)
- HHS (excluding public acute and psychiatric hospitals) (HHS component)
- - HHS reporting is the 'gap amounts' i.e. total HHS minus all of the declared public hospitals in the HHS and includes the non-hospital facilities of the HHS.
- jurisdiction (public hospital services managed by the State e.g. Surgery Connect, Community Services Funding Branch).
Detailed expenditure/revenue, budget, staffing, teaching accreditation and activity data.
Sites Implemented
All Queensland public hospitals, public residential psychiatric hospitals, public nursing homes, HHSs and the State.
Published Outputs
FRAC data are published in Australian Government publications such as Report on Government Services (ROGS), Australian Hospital Statistics and the My Hospitals web-site.
Frequency of Updates
Data collected on an annual basis.
Information Security Classification
Ad hoc requests for data are handled by the Statistical Reporting and Coordination Unit, Statistical Services Branch.
Access Constraints
Requests for access to data are considered on a case-by-case basis. To request aggregated or summary data and statistics, email HlthStat@health.qld.gov.au. To request linked data and/or potentially identifiable data for research purposes, email HSBresearch@health.qld.gov.au. Release of identifiable or potentially identifiable data requires Data Custodian approval. Data may be requested for research purposes or for other authorised purposes if permitted under the relevant State legislation. For further information refer to the 'How to access data from the Statistical Services Branch' page on the Queensland Health internet site: https://www.health.qld.gov.au/hsu/how-to-access-data-from-ssb
Use Constraints
Any caveats on the data will be included with the data.
FRAC is managed overall by the Statistical Services Branch. The data collection approach is that Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division prepare, distribute and validate the expenditure, product stream and human resource data and Statistical Services Branch receive and validate revenue, specialised services, teaching and accreditation status data electronically (web-based forms) through MAC Online.

Statistical Services Branch provides Queensland Health's data submission to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).
Statistical Unit
Reporting Requirements
FRAC reporting is mandatory and is prescribed in Schedule 4 of the HHS Service Agreements. Expenditure reported to FRAC should align to the annual expenditure data reported as part of the annual National Hospital Cost Data Collection (NHCDC). Commonwealth Government Reporting Requirements: AIHW: As a signatory to the National Health Information Agreement, Queensland Department of Health is required to provide hospital activity data to the AIHW according to agreed National Minimum Data Sets (NMDSs). To comply with these reporting obligations, data reported to the FRAC is used to meet the Local Hospital Networks/Public Hospital Establishments National Minimum Data Set (LHN/PHE NMDS).
Frequency of Reporting Requirements
2019 AUDIT: The FRAC data elements listed below will undergo review once the Data Supply Requirements (DSRs) have been completed.
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Data ElementEstablishment-acquired immune deficiency syndrome unit indicatorQH 041770 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-acute renal dialysis unit indicatorQH 041771 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-acute spinal cord injury unit indicatorQH 041772 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-alcohol and drug unit indicatorQH 041773 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-bone marrow transplantation unit indicatorQH 041774 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-burns unit level III indicatorQH 041775 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-cardiac surgery unit indicatorQH 041776 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-clinical genetics unit indicatorQH 041777 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-comprehensive epilepsy centre indicatorQH 041778 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-coronary care unit indicatorQH 041779 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-data estimated indicatorQH 041760 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-diabetes unit indicatorQH 041780 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-domiciliary care service indicatorQH 041781 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-geriatric assessment unit indicatorQH 041782 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-heart, lung transplantation unit indicatorQH 041783 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-hospice care unit indicatorQH 041784 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-in-vitro fertilisation unit indicatorQH 041785 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-infectious diseases unit indicatorQH 041786 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-intensive care unit level III indicatorQH 041787 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-liver transplantation unit indicatorQH 041788 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-maintenance renal dialysis centre indicatorQH 041789 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-major plastic/reconstructive surgery unit indicatorQH 041790 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-neonatal intensive care unit level III indicatorQH 041791 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-neurosurgical unit indicatorQH 041792 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
Data ElementEstablishment-nursing home care unit indicatorQH 041793 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-2019
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Expenditure; Finance; Revenue; Staffing