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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020049
Metadata Item Type
Information Asset
Metadata Set Type
Data Collection
Approval Status
Approval Type
Approving Authority
Effective From
Effective To
Short Name
DSS Data Collection
Strategic Alignment Attributes
Actual or potential statewide coverage
Absence would cause significant impact on QH business
Supports enterprise-wide decision making
Supports enterprise-wide reporting requirements
Supports the strategic directions of QH
Strategic Asset Indicator
Collection and Usage Attributes
Guide for Use
An electronic reporting tool that consolidates Queensland Health data for the facilitation of business intelligence analysis, benchmarking and performance monitoring purposes.
All Queensland Health data for the purposes of consolidated reporting a various organisational levels including cost centre, hospital, department, division and state-wide.  DSS Necto provides a reporting tool for all standard minimum data sets where the business owner is in agreement.
Financial, payroll, human resources, hospital activity and activity based funding, pharmacy, materials management, pathology, risk, clinical quality and Medicare billing data for multi-dimensional analysis at summary or transaction levels with modules for: Financial Analysis, Labour/ Payroll Analysis (FTEs), Activity Based Funding Analysis, Drug usage analysis, pathology test analysis, key performance indicator reporting for financial and clinical elements.
Sites Implemented
All Queensland Health with secured access applied within the Thin client application.
Published Outputs
Via DSS Necto.
Frequency of Updates
Information Security Classification
Access is only available to Queensland Health staff or contractors with appropriate permissions as defined by DSS Security policy - http://dss.health.qld.gov.au/dss/docs/dss_security_policy_for_access.pdf
Information is access using the electronic reporting system.
Access Constraints
Use Constraints
Data is extracted from numerous source systems via automated interfaces and warehoused within the Financial Solutions IT infrastructure.  Modules are built based on business requirements to collate source data into reporting views.  DSS links multiple data sources in some views to produce indicator reporting.
Statistical Unit
Reporting Requirements
The system allows for both aggregated and drill down functionality empowering users in a hierarchical manner, to view large slices of relevant/ significant data with extract facilities to excel, work and PDF etc. The system also incorporates performance reporting inclusive of scorecard and dashboards.
Frequency of Reporting Requirements
The DSS system has had three significant upgrades since implementation in 1996.  DSS Holos - DSS Novaview (Panorama) - DSS Necto.  
The Queensland Health DSS Necto is a user friendly information system designed to allow a QH staff member with the appropriate security clearance to access reporting from any computer with QH intranet access.  DSS Necto provides both summary and detailed data with the capacity to design regular reports as per user needs.  Data can be converted to tabular or graphical display within the application as well as exported within in a number of formats (exl, cvs, pdf etc).
Relational Attributes
Related Metadata References
Has been superseded by Decision Support System (DSS) Data Collection QH 020049 Version 2
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Included Data Elements and Performance Indicators


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Data ElementPerson-occupation (QHD job code)QH 042728 Version 1ConditionalSuperseded01-Jul-199830-Jun-2013
Data ElementPerson-occupation (QHD job code)QH 042728 Version 2ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-2013
Data Quality Declaration