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Data Supply Requirement Detail

Allied Health Clinical Placement Activity Data Supply Requirement (DSR)
Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020356 v1
Data Supply Requirement
HHS Service Agreement
Chief Allied Health Officer, Allied Health Professions' Office
The Allied Health Clinical Placement Activity Data Supply Requirement outlines what activity data is to be supplied by Queensland Health facilities, including the Mater Health Services (Brisbane) to the Department.

The data covers the pre-entry clinical placement activity across all 15 allied health professions, including audiology, clinical measurements, exercise physiology, medical radiation professions, music therapy, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, orthotics and prosthetics, pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, psychology, rehabilitation engineering, social work and speech pathology.
Collection and Usage Attributes
Collection of the allied health clinical placement activity data supports oversight and management of the offering and supply of clinical placements including monitoring of health service contribution to provision of pre-entry allied health clinical placements consistent with and proportionate to the capacity of the Hospital and Health Service (HHS).
The data to be supplied by Queensland Health facilities and Mater Health Services (Brisbane), has been broken down into three sections:
1. Hospital and Health Service/Facility/Profession Information
2. Total Offers
3. Total Provided

The Allied Health Professions' Office of Queensland (AHPOQ) coordinates the state-wide collection of clinical placement activity data from all allied health disciplines in each Hospital and Health Service (HHS). This data is entered into an online system which includes numbers of days offered and provided for student placements and placement numbers by agreed clinical training settings.
There are two data collection periods each year - January to June and July to December.

For each data collection period, online data entry opens two to three weeks into the data collection period (i.e. 15 July and 15 January) and closes one to two weeks after the end of the data collection period (i.e. 14 January and 7 July). Program Managers are the first point of contact for questions regarding data entry.
Designated data entry users can access the online data entry system, using their Novell Log in and password.
Two data collection periods per year- January to June and July to December.
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Source and Reference Attributes
Department of Health (DoH)
Templates and guidelines are located on the Allied Health Clinical Placements website, located: INTERNAL QH LINK NOT AVAILABLE