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QH 020093 v1
Information Asset
Data Collection
SIMS Data Collection
Strategic Alignment Attributes
Collection and Usage Attributes
To support the planning and operational flow of allocated funding from State and Commonwealth budget sources, into health service organisations, primarily outside of Queensland Health. It allows financial tracking and planning from a budget level, down to detailed project payments.
All services purchased from Non-Government Organisations through Funding and Contract Management Unit.
Organisations, Service Providers, Payments Scheduled and Paid for Services Purchased, Budget Appropriations and Allocations, Geographical Data on the Distribution of Funds.
Funding and Contract Management Unit.
Although SIMS data is used for some pubic reports, no Queensland Health reports generated from SIMS are published directly.
Access to SIMS is only available to new clients upon authorisation by the Senior Director, Funding and Contract Management Unit.
Initial data collection from forms; on-going input is based on application for funding received by Funding and Contract Management Unit either as a result of an open tender, selective tender or other process.
- Standard reports generated by the SIMS Team on a regular basis including the Quarterly Grants Return Report.
- Ad-hoc financial and business reports generated by the SIMS Team as requested.
- Standard internal financial and business reporting available to users from the front end of SIMS.
The Budget Module can be used as a stand-alone module for budget management without any record of grants/projects. The Geobase provides a mapping of Service Providers to their current Health and Hospital Service, State Electorate, Federal Electorate, Statistical Local Area, and Local Government Area. Common uses are management of historical, current and future: budgets, scheduled grant payments and paid grant payments, project progress payments, and Standing Offer Arrangements.
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