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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020206 v2
Information Asset
Data Collection
Executive Director, Health Protection Branch
Submission and management of food samples obtained by Queensland Health public health units.
EH InfoNet Data Collection
Strategic Alignment Attributes
EH InfoNet is used by public health units located in Hospital and Health Services, and Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services.
Queensland Health public health units use EH InfoNet to record information on food samples and prepare sample submission forms for food samples submitted for analysis. It is also used to help collate and manage food survey samples collected by public health units.
Allows statewide collection and access to food sample data. Laboratory can access additional data on food samples not provided to laboratory in hardcopy submission forms. Can assist in coordination of statewide food sampling surveys.
Data can be used to inform state-wide food surveys and reporting of public health unit activities.
Collection and Usage Attributes
To collect information on the management of food samples in Queensland.
Information on food samples obtained within Queensland by Queensland Health Hospital and Health Service public health units in relation to administration of the Food Act 2006 and investigation of foodborne illness.
Business name and details where sample taken.
Complainant, complaint details, and description of food, illness.
Sample and submission details.
Not publicly available.
Password protected access to relevant staff only from Queensland Health computers.
Sharing of data is subject to the confidentiality requirements of the Food Act 2006.
Public health units staff directly enter data into EH InfoNet. Forensic and Scientific Services staff may edit several fields in relation to test results. Health Protection Branch staff have access and can edit and administer some parts of the application.
Food complaints and investigations now recorded into Management of Applications, Permits & Licensing Events (MAPLE).
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Environmental Health Information Network (EH InfoNet) - Application