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Vaccination Information and Vaccination Administration System (VIVAS) Data Collection
Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020100 v2
Information Asset
Data Collection
Information Management Strategic Governance Committee (IMSGC), Queensland Health
Register of vaccination information as well as a system to manage government funded vaccine distribution.
VIVAS Data Collection
Strategic Alignment Attributes
VIVAS is accessed by Public Health Units across Queensland as well as Communicable Diseases Branch.
VIVAS is the pathway for distributing vaccines to public and private vaccination providers throughout Queensland. It is also used to forecast vaccine demand and manage vaccine inventory.
Collection and Usage Attributes
VIVAS serves two functions:

- It was an immunisation register and was used to capture vaccination events for programs for Children, School Based Vaccination program (SBVP), and Other 'at risk' groups to manage outbreaks. The vaccination register function of VIVAS ceased on 01/04/2019.

- It is also a Vaccine Administration System, that enables Queensland Health Immunisation Program (QHIP) to coordinate the procurement and distribution of government funded vaccines to vaccine service providers, and to minimise vaccine wastage by ensuring that vaccines are used before expiry date and kept under strict temperature-controlled conditions.
Information relevant to vaccine distribution to service providers (what, when, who) and how they manage the vaccines including details of cold chain breaches.
VIVAS has multiple tables and fields for vaccination register and vaccination management functions.

Vaccination Register:
Demographics and details of vaccines administered to patients.
Vaccination data for childhood, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), SBVP, and 'at risk' groups.
Records conscientious objections.
Follow-up overdue vaccinations.

Vaccine Management:
Vaccine Service Providers.
Vaccine inventory.
Batch control of vaccine stocks with Vaccine Service Providers (VSPs).
Corporate Office, Public Health Units, web interface for school based programs.
Quarterly reports and ad-hoc queries are generated as required.
Not publicly available. Hosted within the Queensland Health network.
Must be a Queensland Health employee of specific role, with an active registered account.
The vaccination register function of VIVAS ceased on 01/04/2019.
Vaccination Register:
Data was obtained from registered vaccine service providers on a standard form, electronic capture of data sent from participating VSPs to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), and data from the school-based vaccination program was captured via a web interface.

Vaccine Management:
Data obtained from registered vaccine service providers on standard order form, vaccine distribution data obtained from contracted delivery company in electronic format.
Vaccination register data was provided to the AIR until 01/04/2019.
Reports to Medicare.
Leakage report.
Wastage report within national performance targets.
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Source and Reference Attributes
For vaccination records: Australian Immunisation Register, vaccination providers. For vaccine management: registered vaccine service providers.