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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 040800 v2
Data Element
Data Element
The method of complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception for the last birth.
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC)
Method of delivery of last birth
Representational Attributes
Numeric Character
Permissible Values


03Vacuum extractor
04Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS)
05Classical Caesarean Section (CCS)
10Vaginal - non instrumental
Supplementary Values


99Not stated/unknown
Collection and Usage Attributes
Code 02 Forceps
Where forceps are applied to assist the delivery process, including rotation forceps, liftout etc.

Code 03 Vacuum extractor
An assisted birth using a suction cap applied to the occiput of the fetal head, including rotation vacuum. Negative pressure is created and traction is applied during contractions until the fetal head is born. Also known as Ventousse Extractor.

Code 04 Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS)
Delivery of a baby through a surgical abdominal incision involving a transverse incision into the lower segment of the uterus.

Code 05 Classical Caesarean Section (CCS)
Delivery of a baby through a surgical abdominal incision involving a vertical incision into the upper segment of the uterus.

Code 10 Vaginal - non instrumental
A birth that is achieved solely by the mother's expulsive efforts requiring no mechanical or surgical assistance and where the occiput is the point of reference.

Code 98: Other (specify)
Includes other delivery methods not classified above.
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC):
If Mother's code type is 'L' then:
Validated against the list of Method of delivery of last birth codes.
Record must not exist if method of delivery of last birth flag is 1 or 9.
Record must exist if method of delivery of last birth flag is 2.
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC):
This relates to the last birth and therefore not necessarily the last pregnancy. This data element links with the Previous pregnancy elements. If the Previous pregnancy element 'All abortions/ miscarriages/ectopic/hydatidiform mole' is equal to or greater than 1 and all other Previous pregnancy elements equal 0, this element does not apply. For example, if the mother has had two previous pregnancies and the last pregnancy resulted in a spontaneous abortion while the pregnancy before that resulted in a caesarean birth, then record 'Caesarean'.

If the last birth was a multiple birth that resulted in different outcomes, all methods should be recorded.

For completion of manual forms only - if the method of delivery of the last birth was other than those listed, tick 'other' and specify the method in the space provided.

For Perinatal Online provide a 2-digit method of delivery for last birth code.
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Information AssetData CollectionQueensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC)QH 020003 Version 2ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-2019
Information AssetData CollectionQueensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC)QH 020003 Version 1ConditionalSuperseded01-Jul-200730-Jun-2019
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