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QH 040686 v1
Data Element
Data Element
The age of the person at time of death.
Death registrations in Queensland
Age at death
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The age of the deceased may not be known at the time of death. If an estimated age is recorded then the age estimate code flag will be set to 'Y', otherwise to 'N'. The age of the deceased may be recorded in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds and will be decoded in that order. If the age field is equal to '-' and the death date text field is equal to 'born dead' or 'newborn' then the age field will be set to zero, the age time unit to 'S' and the age estimate flag to 'N'. If the death date text field is equal to unknown then the age fields and age time unit will be set to null and the age estimate flag will be set to 'N'.
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Has been superseded byData ElementData ElementPerson (death record)-age at death (RBDM)QH 040686 Version 2Draft
Relates toData ElementDerived Data ElementAge at death estimate indicatorQH 040733 Version 1Current
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Information AssetData RepositoryDeath RegistrationsQH 020227 Version 1MandatorySuperseded25-Nov-199930-Jun-2016
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