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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 041042 v1
Data Element
Data Element
The proposed principal service a Rehabilitation or GEM patient will receive post discharge.
Sub-acute admitted patient care.
Principal referral service for subacute and non-acute patient
Principal proposed referred service
Representational Attributes
Numeric Character
Permissible Values


001No service is required
101Community/home based rehabilitation
102Community/home based palliative
103Community/home based geriatric evaluation and management
104Community/home based respite
105Community/home based psychogeriatric
106Home and community care
107Community aged care package, extended aged care in the home
108Flexible care package
109Transition care program (includes intermittent care service)
110Outreach Service
111Community/home based - nursing/domiciliary
198Community/home based - other
201Hospital based (admitted) - rehabilitation
202Hospital based (admitted) - maintenance
203Hospital based (admitted) - palliative
204Hospital based (admitted) - geriatric evaluation and management
205Hospital based (admitted) - respite
206Hospital based (admitted) - psychogeriatric
207Hospital based (admitted) - acute
208Hospital based - non-admitted services
298Hospital based - other
998Other service
Supplementary Values


999Not stated/unknown service
Collection and Usage Attributes
Only one service option can be selected. For example, in the case of a patient who is to receive community based rehabilitation 6 days per week and hospital based rehabilitation (as a day patient) 2 days per week, the principal service would be Community/home based - rehabilitation.

The principal service should be selected:

001 No service is required.

Community/home based: excludes hospital in the home.

101 Community/home based- rehabilitation; 201 - Hospital Based (admitted) - rehabilitation: "clinical intent or treatment goal is to improve the functional status of a patient with an impairment, disability or handicap". (QHAPDC)

102 Community/home based - palliative; 203 - Hospital Based (admitted) - palliative: "clinical intent or treatment goal is primarily quality of life for a patient with an active, progressive disease with little or no prospect of cure". (QHAPDC)

103 Community/home based - geriatric evaluation and management; 204 - Hospital Based (admitted) - geriatric evaluation and management: "clinical intent or treatment goal is to maximise the health status and/or optimise the living arrangements for a patient with multi-dimensional medical conditions associated with disabilities and psychosocial problems, who is usually (but not always) an older patient. This may also include younger adults with clinical conditions generally associated with old age". (QHAPDC)

104 Community/home based - respite; 205 - Hospital Based (admitted) - respite: "The patient is receiving respite care. Respite care is care given as an alternative care arrangement with the primary purpose of giving the carer or a care patient a short term break from their usual arrangement. Note: Respite care should only be recorded when the primary purpose is to substitute for the usual care arrangement" (Aged Care Evaluation Management Advisors (ACEMA), Final Report - Appendices, page E13).

105 Community/home based - psychogeriatric; 206 - Hospital Based (admitted) - psychogeriatric: "clinical intent or treatment goal is improvement in health, modification of symptoms, enhancement in function, behaviour and/or quality of life for a patient with an age related organic brain impairment with significant behavioural or late onset psychiatric disturbance or a physical condition accompanied by severe psychiatric or behavioural disturbance" (QHAPDC).

106 Home and community care: "A Commonwealth and State funded program to support frail older people to remain in their homes through the provision of a comprehensive range of high quality and cost effective care packages to them and their carers" (ACEMA, Final Report - Appendices, page E15).

107 Community Aged Care Package, extended aged care in the home: A program that delivers community care as well as services to meet the needs of carers" (ACEMA, Final Report - Appendices, page E15)

108 - Flexible Care Package: "Flexible care is defined in the Aged Care Act 1997 (The Act) as "care provided in a residential or community setting through an aged care service that addresses the needs of care recipients in alternative ways to the care provided through residential care services and community care services. The Act currently provides for three forms of flexible care - Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH), Multi Purpose Services (including some regional Health Service Centres) and Innovative Care. Care is also provided outside The Act through Flexible Services for Indigenous Australians" (ACEMA, Final Report - Appendices, page E15).

109 Transition care program: "provides short-term support and active management for older people at the interface of the acute/sub-acute and residential aged care sectors." Transition care may offer: "nursing support, low intensity therapy or rehabilitation, personal care, medical support and case management" (COAWG). Intermittent care service: "provides short term interventions for older people with multiple complications and co-morbidities. The service interfaces between acute care, community and aged care and intends to decrease the need for both long term residential aged care and admission to hospital" (DSAC proposal, 12/10/04).

110 Outreach Service: includes physical outreach by multidisciplinary teams or consultancy by telehealth (for example, rural stroke outreach teams).

111 Nursing/domiciliary: includes only those domiciliary and community services provided by a registered or enrolled nurse, for example, health assessments and assistance with activities of daily living provided by non-government organisations such as Blue Care or St Luke's. Nursing services provided by the HACC program should be coded 106; nursing services provided through a Community aged care package should be coded 107.

198 Community/home based - other (was Non-hospital based - other): other non-hospital based services.

202 Hospital based (admitted) - Maintenance / Interim care: "clinical intent or treatment goal is prevention of deterioration in the functional and current health status of a patient with a disability or severe level of functional impairment". (QHAPDC).

207 Hospital based (admitted) - Acute: "clinical intent or treatment goal is one or more of the following: manage labour, cure illness or provide definitive treatment of injury, perform surgery, relieve symptoms of illness or injury, protect against exacerbation and/or complication of an illness and/or injury which could threaten life or normal function and/or perform diagnostic or therapeutic procedures."

208 Hospital based - non-admitted services: includes outpatient appointments.

209 Hospital based - other: other hospital based services, including multi-purpose health services.

998 Other service: other service not stated above.

999 Not stated/unknown: the service has not been specified or is unknown.
Mandatory for patients admitted to a designated SNAP Unit with the admission types of 21 Rehab Designated Unit or 09 Geriatric Evaluation.
Hospital Based Corporate Information System (HBCIS):
- Attempting to bypass this field when criteria have been met will display the prompt: "Field xx must contain data."
- Attempting to file this screen without entering a value will display the following prompt: "Proposed Principal Referral Service field mandatory when Admission Type is xx." Pressing ENTER will take cursor to the field for entry of a value.
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