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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 040920 v1
Data Element
Data Element
A health care occupation that an individual provider identifies as being one in which they provide a significant amount of services.
Provider occupation category (self-identified)
Representational Attributes
Permissible Values


A valid code from the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) , Second Edition, Canberra 1997, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Catalogue Number 1220.0
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Collection and Usage Attributes
The following is a list of the more common health care occupations, however, it is not intended to represent all the possible health care occupations:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker (ASCO code 3493 11)
Acupuncturist (ASCO code 2394-13)
Aged or Disabled Person Carer (ASCO code 6313-17)
Ambulance officer (ASCO code 3491-11)
Anaesthetist (ASCO code 2312-11)
Audiologist (ASCO code 2399-11)
Chiropractor (ASCO code 2387-11)
Clinical Psychologist (ASCO code 2514-11)
Dental Assistant (ASCO code 6391-11)
Dental Hygienist (ASCO code 3492-13)
Dental Specialist (ASCO code 2381-13)
Dental Technician (ASCO code 3492-15)
Dental Therapist (ASCO code 3492-11)
Dentist (ASCO code 2381-11)
Dermatologist (ASCO code 2312-13)
Dietitian (ASCO code 2393-11)
Drug and Alcohol Counsellor (ASCO code 2513-13)
Enrolled Nurse (ASCO code 3411-11)
General Medical Practitioner (ASCO code 2311-11)
Health Professionals nec(ASCO code 2399-79)
Hospital Pharmacist (ASCO code 2382-11)
Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic (ASCO code 3491-13)
Massage Therapist (ASCO code 3494-11)
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer (ASCO code 2391-11)
Medical Practitioner in Training (ASCO code 2311-81)
Natural Therapy Professional nec (ASCO code 2394-79)
Naturopath (ASCO code 2394-11)
Nuclear Medicine Technologist (ASCO code 2391-15)
Nurse Educator (ASCO code 2322-11)
Nurse Manager (ASCO code 2321-11)
Nurse Researcher (ASCO code 2322-13)
Nursing Assistant (ASCO code 6314-13)
Occupational Therapist (ASCO code 2383-11)
Ophthalmologist (ASCO code 2312-19)
Optometrist (ASCO code 2384-11)
Orthoptist (ASCO code 2399-13)
Orthotist (ASCO code 2399-15)
Osteopath (ASCO code 2387-13)
Paediatrician (ASCO code 2312-21)
Pathologist (ASCO code 2312-23)
Physiotherapist (ASCO code 2385-11)
Podiatrist (ASCO code 2388-11)
Psychiatrist (ASCO code 2312-27)
Psychologists nec (ASCO code 2514-79)
Radiation Therapist (ASCO code 2391-13)
Radiologist (ASCO code 2312-29)
Registered Developmental Disability Nurse (ASCO code 2326-11)
Registered Mental Health Nurse (ASCO code 2325-11)
Registered Midwife (ASCO code 2324-11)
Registered Nurse (ASCO code 2323-11)
Rehabilitation Counsellor (ASCO code 2513-11)
Retail Pharmacist (ASCO code 2382-15)
Social Worker (ASCO code 2511-11)
Sonographer (ASCO code 2391-17)
Specialist Medical Practitioner NEC (ASCO code 2312-79)
Specialist Physician (ASCO code 2312-25)
Speech Pathologist (ASCO code 2386-11)
Surgeon (ASCO code 2312-31)
Therapy Aide (ASCO code 6313-19)
Data is collected at the time a health care provider identification record is created.

Multiple instances of health care occupation may be collected where the individual provides a significant amount of services in more than one category. For example, a dentist who is also a medical practitioner may practice as both.
Record as many as apply.
ASCO defines 'occupation' as 'a set of jobs with similar sets of tasks'. Operationally this is defined as 'a collection of jobs which are sufficiently similar in their main tasks to be grouped together for purposes of the classification'. Job is defined as 'a set of tasks designed to be performed by one individual for a wage or salary'. ASCO will be replaced in 2006 by the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations. Other References: AS4846 Health Care Provider Identification, 2004, Sydney: Standards Australia In AS4846 this data element is referred to as 'Provider main field of practice'.
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Has been superseded byData ElementData ElementHealthcare provider individual-occupation category (self-identified) (ANZSCO 2009)QH 040920 Version 2Superseded
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Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
METeOR data element: Individual service provider-occupation (self-identified), code (ASCO 2nd edn) N[NNN]{-NN}, Identifier 289047, Health standard 04/05/2005 https://meteor.aihw.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/289047/meteorItemView/long