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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 040813 v1
Data Element
Data Element Concept
The referential description of a location where an entity is located or can be otherwise reached or found.
Representational Attributes
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Collection and Usage Attributes
The following attributes are commonly used in the formation of a full address: - Address line; (address line is a composite data element containing many attributes of the specific location of a full address - see the current version of the Address line metadata item for further description and a list of its components for addresses located in Australia) - Address type - Australian State/Territory identifier - Address - Country identifier - Non-Australian State/province - Postal delivery point identifier - Postcode - Australian - Postcode - international - Suburb/town/locality name. Some attributes of an address, located within Australia, also provide the elements to determine the Statistical Local Area - SLA. This enables: - comparison of the use of services by persons residing in different geographical areas, - characterisation of catchment areas and populations for facilities for planning purposes, and - documentation of provision of services to clients who reside in other States or Territories. The address is also a relevant element in the unambiguous identification of a Health Care Client and a Health Care Provider . Other References: AS5017 Health Care Client Identification, 2002, Sydney: Standards Australia AS4846 Health Care Provider Identification, 2004, Sydney: Standards Australia
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Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
METeOR glossary item: Address, Identifier 327278, Health standard 01/03/2005 https://meteor.aihw.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/327278