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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 041524 v1
Data Element
Data Element
The health insurance fund that the patient is a member of at the start of an episode of admitted patient care, as represented by a code.
Finance revenue - Private health insurance
Health insurance fund code
Health fund code
Representational Attributes
Numeric Character
For more codes contact Statistical Standards and Strategies, Statistical Services Branch (SSB).
Permissible Values


Valid code from Health insurance fund list - Version 01 (CRDS)
Supplementary Values


Collection and Usage Attributes
This data should be collected irrespective of whether the patient is admitted as a public or private patient or whether the patient intends to use the insurance for their admission.
A valid code for the patient's health insurance fund should be entered in HBCIS, particularly if their Hospital insurance status is '7-Hospital Insurance'.
Health insurance fund information should only be provided where a patient has hospital level insurance with their health fund.

Queensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHAPDC):
QHAPDC (transmit via HBCIS extract): Enter the code for the health insurance fund which the patient is currently a member for their hospital insurance. At the time of admission to a facility, it is important to correctly identify and capture a patient's Hospital insurance status (appropriate hospital cover) and (where applicable) the Health insurance fund.

Health insurance fund code is validated against the data item Hospital insurance status (Y/N).
- If Health insurance fund code is supplied from the range 001-888 or 998, then Hospital insurance status must be 'Y'.
- If Hospital insurance status is supplied as 'Y' then a valid Health insurance fund code (001 - 888, 998) must be supplied.
- If Health insurance fund code is 997 (No private hospital insurance), then Hospital insurance status must be 'N'.
- If Hospital insurance status is supplied as 'N' then Health insurance fund code must be 997 (No private hospital insurance).

Hospital Based Corporate Information System (HBCIS):
When the code for 'Other Health Fund' is chosen, the "Please Specify" field becomes mandatory to enter free text. A space or spaces will not be acceptable as valid entry in the "Health Fund Code" however, are acceptable in the "Please Specify" field. Any health fund identified through the use of code "other" will provide the opportunity to add new codes to the health insurance fund reference file in future versions.
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Information AssetData CollectionQueensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHAPDC)QH 020001 Version 1ConditionalSuperseded01-Jul-200931-Mar-2010
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