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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 042676 v2
Data Element
Data Element
Information Management Strategic Governance Committee (IMSGC), Queensland Health
The type of termination for continuing pregnancy after abortion of one or more fetus for multiple gestation.
Admitted patient care
Continuing pregnancy abortion type
Abortion type
Representational Attributes
Permissible Values


1Missed abortion
2Medical termination
3Surgical termination
5Spontaneous abortion
Supplementary Values


9Not applicable
Collection and Usage Attributes
This data element should be recorded for all episodes of admitted patient care that have ICD-10-AM diagnosis code O31.1 Continuing pregnancy after abortion of one fetus or more assigned.

Code 1 Missed abortion
Fetal death in utero before fetal viability (less than 20 completed weeks (140 days) gestation and/or fetal weight less than 400g) with retention of dead fetus.

Code 2 Medical termination
Administration of drugs alone to induce a termination of pregnancy. Excludes feticide.

Code 3 Surgical termination
Administration of a surgical intervention (with or without drugs) to induce a termination of pregnancy.

Code 4 Feticide
Termination of pregnancy by injection of intracardiac potassium under ultrasound guidance. Excludes termination using administration of drugs alone.

Code 5 Spontaneous abortion
Loss of pregnancy naturally before twenty weeks of gestation.
Queensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHAPDC):
Must be assigned with Pregnancy-fetus number.
This data element is collected against the maternal admitted episode of care.

This data element is provided by facilities post submission of data when a validation error is triggered and is sourced from the documentation in the mother's medical record. Data is then manually entered into the Queensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHAPDC) by Statistical Collections and Integration, Statistical Services Branch (SSB).
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Information AssetData CollectionQueensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHAPDC)QH 020001 Version 2ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-2021
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