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QH 040375 v1
Data Element
Derived Data Element
The number of acute (qualified) and unqualified newborn days occurring within a newborn episode of care.
Institutional health care
Number of acute (qualified)/unqualified days for newborns
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The rules for calculating the number of acute (qualified) and unqualified newborn days are outlined below:
- the number of acute (qualified) and unqualified days are calculated from the date of admission, date of separation and any date(s) of change to qualification status.
- the date of admission is counted as a day against the initial qualification status.
- the day on which a change in qualification status occurs is counted against the new qualification status.
- if more than one change of qualification status occurs on a single day, the day is counted against the final qualification status for that day.
- the date of separation is not counted as either an acute (qualified) or unqualified day.
- normal rules which apply to calculation of patient days apply, e.g. same day, leave.
- the newborn's length of stay is equal to the sum of the acute (qualified) and unqualified days.
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Information AssetData CollectionMonthly Activity Collection (MAC)QH 020008 Version 1ConditionalSuperseded01-Jul-199830-Jun-2014
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