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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
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QHDD C5.2 Registered Nurses
Persons with at least a three year training certificate and nurses holding post-graduate qualifications. Must be registered with the State registration board. This is a comprehensive category and includes community mental health, general nurse, intellectual disability nurse, midwife (including pupil midwife), psychiatric nurse, senior nurse, charge nurse (now unit manager), supervisory nurse and nurse educator. Includes nurses engaged in administrative duties no matter what the extent of that engagement (eg director of nursing, assistant director of nursing).
QHDD C5.3 Enrolled Nurse
Nurses who are enrolled with the State registration board. Includes general enrolled nurses and specialist enrolled nurses (eg mothercraft nurses).
QHDD C5.4 Student Nurses
Facility based student nurses are persons employed by the facility currently studying in years one to three of a three year certificate course of training leading to registration by the State registration board. Includes full-time general student nurses and specialist student nurses such as mental deficiency nurses but excludes practising nurses enrolled in post-basic training courses.
QHDD C5.5 Trainee/Pupil Nurses
Trainee/pupil nurses include any person commencing or undertaking a one year course of training leading to registration as an enrolled nurse by the State registration board.
QHDD C5.1 Salaried Medical Officers
Medical officers employed by the facility on a full-time or part-time salaried basis. This excludes visiting medical officers (defined in QHDD 0217) engaged on an hourly, sessional or fee for service basis. Includes salaried medical officers (whether employed full-time or part-time) who are engaged in administrative duties regardless of the extent of that engagement (eg clinical superintendent, medical superintendent).
QHDD C5.6 Other Personal Care Staff
Includes attendants, assistants or home assistants, home companions, family aides, ward helpers, wardsmen, orderlies, ward assistants and nursing assistants engaged primarily in the provision of personal care to patients or residents and who are not formally qualified or undergoing training in nursing or allied professions.
QHDD C5.7 Diagnostic & Health Professionals
Qualified staff (other than qualified medical and nursing staff) engaged in duties of a diagnostic, professional or technical nature (but also include diagnostic and health professionals whose duties are primarily or partly of an administrative nature). This category includes all allied health professionals and laboratory technicians (but excludes civil engineers and computing staff).
QHDD C5.8 Administrative & Clerical Staff
Staff engaged in administrative and clerical duties. Medical staff and nursing staff, diagnostic and health professionals and any domestic staff primarily or partly engaged in administrative and clerical duties are excluded. Civil engineers and computing staff are included in this category.
QHDD C5.9 Domestic & Other Staff
Domestic staff are engaged in the provision of food and cleaning services including domestic staff primarily engaged in administrative duties such as food services manager. Dieticians are excluded. This category also includes all staff not elsewhere included (primarily maintenance staff, tradespersons and gardening staff).
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The Health Workforce Planning and Analysis Unit maintain a list of job designation codes for Qld Health. This list maps directly to the above staffing categories. There is also a mapping to the corresponding ABS Australian Standard Classification of Occupation (ASCO) codes.
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