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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 040192 v1
Data Element
Data Element
The Queensland Health Health Service District. Health Service Districts are responsible for the management and delivery of health services to their communities.
Queensland Health
Health service district
Representational Attributes
Numeric Character
Permissible Values


40CO Corporate Office
98OT Other
01BY Bayside District Health Service
02MA The Mater Hospitals
03LB Logan-Beaudesert District Health Service
04QE The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital and District Health Service
05PA Princess Alexandra Hospital and District Health Service
06BO Bowen District Health Service
07CT Charters Towers District Health Service
08TV Townsville District Health Service
09MI Mt Isa District Health Service
10PC The Prince Charles Hospital and District Health Service
11RC Royal Children's Hospital and District Health Service
12RB Royal Brisbane Hospital and District Health Service
13RW Royal Women's Hospital and District Health Service
14CH Central Highlands District Health Service
15WM West Moreton District Health Service
16RO Roma District Health Service
17CL Charleville District Health Service
18CW Central West District Health Service
19TO Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area District Health Service
20CA Cairns District Health Service
21IN Innisfail District Health Service
22TA Tablelands District Health Service
23CY Cape York District Health Service
24HM Fraser Coast District Health Service
25BU Bundaberg District Health Service
26SB South Burnett District Health Service
27NB North Burnett District Health Service
28MO Moranbah District Health Service
29MK Mackay District Health Service
30SC Sunshine Coast District Health Service
31GY Gympie District Health Service
32RE Redcliffe-Caboolture District Health Service
33GC Gold Coast District Health Service
34TW Toowoomba District Health Service
35ND Northern Downs District Health Service
36SD Southern Downs District Health Service
37RK Rockhampton District Health Service
38BA Banana District Health Service
39GL Gladstone District Health Service
Supplementary Values


Collection and Usage Attributes
The numeric codes should now be used in preference to the alphanumeric codes, to insulate data from inconsistencies when Districts change names. The alphanumeric codes shown were previously used as standard.
Health Service Districts (HSDs) are responsible for the management and delivery of health services to their communities as agreed and stipulated in Service Agreements. District Managers are responsible and accountable for all operations within the District which will provide hospital and community-based clinical services including oral health, child and young peoples' health, community health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, women's health, mental health, home and community care services, sexual health and alcohol and drug services. HSDs also provide corporate services required for the administration of the District functions, including finance, human resource management, general administration, medical record administration, information management, technology support and operational services. In some cases a collaborative approach is required among HSDs in order to provide maximum relevance, effectiveness and efficiency in delivering services to the community. These issues are articulated in Service Agreements. District Health Councils consist of 8-10 members of the local and surrounding community and are appointed by the Executive Council of Government to provide genuine community input and strategic direction into the way health services are delivered in each HSD. Zonal Managers (Southern, Central and Northern) are responsible for the planning and purchasing of health services from the HSDs. A list of the HSDs according to each of the Zones is available from the Client Services Unit, Health Information Centre, Corporate Office.
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Has been superseded byData ElementData ElementHealth service districtQH 040192 Version 2Superseded
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Information AssetData CollectionFinancial and Residential Activity Collection (FRAC)QH 020005 Version 1Superseded01-Jul-199630-Jun-2003
Information AssetData CollectionMonthly Activity Collection (MAC)QH 020008 Version 1Superseded01-Jul-199330-Jun-2003
Source and Reference Attributes
Note that the correct title for districts (as stated in the Health Services Act 1991 and published in the Government Gazette on 20 December 1996) is "Health Service Districts", not "District Health Services", as is commonly used.