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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 040405 v1
Data Element
Data Element
An indicator of the level of accuracy with which a date has been recorded.
Provision of a date (eg date of birth) is often a mandatory requirement in data collections. Often it must be recorded in a date field type, in a computer system which does not allow the recording component of the date as null. At times, the actual date or part thereof may not be known. This data element is intended to be designed to flag a date that has been estimated, and indicate the level of accuracy with which the date is known. This data element may assist with record linkage processes when the date of birth is a component of the linkage key.
Date estimation flag
Representational Attributes
Permissible Values


1Date accurate within 1 year
2Date accurate within 2 years
3...9Date accurate within n years
ADate of birth calculated from the person's reported age
DDay unknown, month and year accurate
EDate estimated, level of accuracy unknown
MMonth unknown, year accurate
Supplementary Values


UDate unknown
Collection and Usage Attributes
Use the A flag when a date of birth is calculated from the person's reported age in years and the date of recording by the following formula; date of birth (estimated) = date of recording - age(yrs) - 6mths. The numeric accuracy indicators will often be determinable in situations where the date in question has been estimated from an event calendar. Use of M flag implies both month and day are unreliable (i.e. dummy). Any flag which specifies accuracy in years implies the recorded day and month are unreliable (i.e. dummy). When day is unknown record as 15. When both day and month are unknown record as 1 July.
This data element should be reported in conjunction with a reported date when any part of the date represents an estimate rather than the actual or known date.
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