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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 040687 v1
Data Element
Data Element
The date of death of the deceased denoted in a textual format.
Death registrations in Queensland
Date of death text (RBDM)
Representational Attributes
Numeric Character
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Collection and Usage Attributes
The date of death may be an approximation between two or more days; the actual date of death is unknown and the date of death is stored in a string of text. For example, the date of death may be between 1 February and 2 February 1999.
Accurate cause of death information is important to the public health sector and medical researchers to evaluate and develop measures to improve the health of Australians generally. It is also important to family members, now and for the future, to know what caused a loved one's death and to be aware of conditions that may occur in other family members.
Relational Attributes
Related Metadata References

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ViewRelationshipMetadata Item TypeMetadata Item SubtypeNameIdentifier & VersionApproval Status
Has been superseded byData ElementData ElementPerson (death record)-date of death description (RBDM)QH 040687 Version 2Draft
Is used in the derivation ofData ElementDerived Data ElementAge at death estimate indicatorQH 040733 Version 1Current
Is used in the derivation ofData ElementDerived Data ElementDate of death originQH 040732 Version 1Current
Relates toData ElementData ElementDate of death (RBDM)QH 040688 Version 1Current
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ViewMetadata Item TypeMetadata Item SubtypeNameIdentifer & VersionObligationApproval StatusEffective FromEffective To
Information AssetData RepositoryDeath RegistrationsQH 020227 Version 1ConditionalSuperseded28-Sep-199930-Jun-2016
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