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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 040908 v1
Data Element
Data Element
A unique combination of characters used as input to electronic communication equipment for the purpose of contacting a person or organisation.
Electronic communication address
Representational Attributes
Permissible Values


A set of characters valid for a specific communication medium including spaces where applicable.
Supplementary Values


Collection and Usage Attributes
Multiple electronic communication addresses (for example, multiple phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail) may be recorded as required. Each instance should have an appropriate Electronic communication medium and usage code assigned.

Universal Resource Locator (URL):
One form of electronic address used as a locator for an internet-based web site.
Example: http://www.aihw.gov.au This is the full address, however, it is not essential to record "http://www" as the commonly used internet browsers assume these characters are included. Therefore, the URL address could be recorded as "aihw.gov.au".

Email addresses:
Email addresses are a combination of a username and an internet domain name (URL) joined by an @ symbol. The use of the full URL is not valid in an email address.
Example: myuserid@bigpond.net.au

Telephone numbers:
- Record the prefix plus telephone number. For example, 08 8226 6000 or 0417 123456.
- Do not record punctuation in telephone numbers. For example, (08) 8226 6000 or 08-8226 6000 would not be correct.

Unknown contact details:
Leave the field blank.
Other References: AS4846 Health Care Provider Identification, 2004, Sydney: Standards Australia AS5017 Health Care Client Identification, 2002, Sydney: Standards Australia In AS5017 this data element is represented by 'Telephone number (client)'. In AS4846 this data element is represented by 'Provider electronic communication details'. Refer to the current standard for more details.
Relational Attributes
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Source and Reference Attributes
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
METeOR data element Person (address)-electronic communication address, text [X(250)], Identifier 287469, Health standard 01/03/2005 https://meteor.aihw.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/287469/meteorItemView/long