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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 041647 v10
Data Element
Data Element
Information Management Strategic Governance Committee (IMSGC), Queensland Health
Environmental event, circumstance or condition as the cause of injury, poisoning and other adverse effect, as represented by a code.
Injury surveillance
External cause (ICD-10-AM)
Representational Attributes
Permissible Values


A valid 10th edition code, representing cause of injury, poisoning and other adverse effect, from the Corporate Reference Data System (CRDS) ICD-10-AM data set maintained by Statistical Standards and Strategies, Statistical Services Branch (SSB).
Supplementary Values


Collection and Usage Attributes
This code must be used in conjunction with an injury or poisoning code and can be used with other disease codes. The external cause should be coded to the complete ICD-10-AM classification.

An external cause code should be sequenced following the related injury or poisoning code, or following the group of codes, if more than one injury or condition has resulted from this external cause. Provision should be made to record more than one external cause if appropriate.

External cause codes in the range V00 to Y89 must be accompanied by a place of occurrence code.

External cause codes V00 to Y34 must be accompanied by an activity code.
Must be a valid ICD-10-AM 10th edition code.
ICD-10-AM codes are validated against a number of national and state edits (e.g. age, sex, cannot be PD, rare, combination, CPoA, etc) to improve coding quality.
Queensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHAPDC):
An external cause code may be used in conjunction with any diagnosis code in ICD-10-AM but must be used with codes from S00-T98 and Z04.1-Z04.5 and for complications and abnormal reactions, which are classified outside the injury chapter (S00-T98).

If the principal diagnosis requires an external cause code(s) the external cause code(s) should be sequenced directly after the principal diagnosis then followed by other diagnosis code(s).

An external cause code(s) that relates to other (additional) diagnosis codes should be reported following the last of the other diagnosis codes that it relates to, even if that external cause code is the same as the one that relates to the principal diagnosis.

Additionally, diagnosis codes requiring morphology codes are sequenced directly after diagnosis codes requiring external cause codes.

All other diagnosis codes that do not require an external cause code(s) or require a morphology code(s) should be sequenced after all codes that do require an external cause code(s) or require a morphology code(s).

Punctuation is excluded in QHAPDC.
Enables categorisation of injury and poisoning according to factors important for injury control. This information is necessary for defining and monitoring injury control targets, injury costing and identifying cases for in-depth research. It is also used as a quality of care indicator of adverse patient outcomes.
Relational Attributes
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SupersedesData ElementData ElementInjury event-external cause code (ICD-10-AM 9th edn)QH 041647 Version 9Superseded
Has been superseded byData ElementData ElementInjury event-external cause code (ICD-10-AM 11th edn)QH 041647 Version 11Superseded
Is qualified byData ElementData ElementEpisode of admitted patient care-diagnosis code prefix (ICD-10-AM) (HBCIS)QH 041645 Version 3Superseded
Relates toData ElementData ElementEpisode of care-clinical code (ICD-10-AM/ACHI 10th edn)QH 040100 Version 4Superseded
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Relates toData ElementData Element ConceptDiagnosisQH 040789 Version 2Current
Relates toData ElementData Element ConceptExternal cause (ICD-10-AM)QH 040248 Version 2Current
Relates toData ElementData Element ConceptInjury eventQH 041642 Version 1Current
Implementation in Metadata Sets


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ViewMetadata Item TypeMetadata Item SubtypeNameIdentifer & VersionObligationApproval StatusEffective FromEffective To
Information AssetData CollectionQueensland Hospital Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHAPDC)QH 020001 Version 1ConditionalSuperseded01-Jul-201730-Jun-2019
Source and Reference Attributes
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
METeOR data element: Injury event-external cause, code (ICD-10-AM 10th edn) ANN{.N[N]}, identifier 641415, Health Standard 05/10/2017 https://meteor.aihw.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/641415/meteorItemView/long