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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 040062 v2
Data Element
Data Element
Information Management Strategic Governance Committee (IMSGC), Queensland Health
A numerical score used to indicate a baby's condition at 1 minute after birth.
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC)
Apgar score at 1 minute
Representational Attributes
Numeric Character
Permissible Values


Numeric codes in range 00 to 10
Supplementary Values


99Not stated/unknown
Collection and Usage Attributes
The score is based on the assessment of 5 characteristics of the baby: heart rate, respiratory condition, muscle tone, reflex irritability and skin colour. Each characteristic is given a score of between 0 and 2 points with a maximum total Apgar score of 10 points.
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC):
Must not be blank.
Must be less than 11 or 99.
Must be 00 if Birth-birth status is code 2 Stillbirth (fetal death).
Queensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC):
This item is not applicable for stillbirths, record as 00.

In case of multiple births, this data element should be recorded for each baby born.
This data element is required to analyse pregnancy outcome, particularly after complications of pregnancy, labour and birth.The Apgar score is an indicator of the health of a baby.
Relational Attributes
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SupersedesData ElementData ElementApgar score (1 minute)QH 040062 Version 1Superseded
Is used in conjunction withData ElementData ElementProduct of birth-Apgar score at 5 minutesQH 040063 Version 2Current
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Implementation in Metadata Sets


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ViewMetadata Item TypeMetadata Item SubtypeNameIdentifer & VersionObligationApproval StatusEffective FromEffective To
Information AssetData CollectionQueensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC)QH 020003 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2019
Data Supply RequirementHHS Service AgreementQueensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC) Baby Data Supply Requirement (DSR) 2019-2020QH 020570 Version 1MandatorySuperseded01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data Supply RequirementHHS Service AgreementQueensland Perinatal Data Collection (QPDC) Baby Data Supply Requirement (DSR) 2020-2021QH 020700 Version 1MandatorySuperseded01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Source and Reference Attributes
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
METeOR data element: Product of birth-Apgar score at 1 minute, code NN identifier 696348, Health, standard 12/12/2018 https://meteor.aihw.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/696348/meteorItemView/long