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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 042610 v2
Data Element
Data Element
Information Management Strategic Governance Committee (IMSGC), Queensland Health
A unique identifier assigned to identify a non-admitted patient service event.
Non-admitted patient care
Service event identifier
Representational Attributes
Identification Number
Permissible Values


Supplementary Values


Collection and Usage Attributes
This data element is essential for data quality analysis and, data linkage.
This data element should not be reused, regardless of deletions or changes in Patient Administration Systems.
Must not be blank.
Must not be used more than once by the facility.
Must be unique for each service event within the facility.
Hospital Based Corporate Information System (HBCIS):
The appointment identifier is derived upon extract and includes clinic code, doctor code, appointment date, patient number, and appointment time.

Other enterprise systems that are not interfaced with (SATr):
A unique identifier for each service event in the enterprise system.

For all other systems that cannot provide the service event identifier:
The service event identifier is derived upon extract and includes patient identifier (URN), the first three characters only of the patient’s surname, appointment date and time.
Should be used with other identifying data elements i.e. facility identifier, patient identifier (URN).
Relational Attributes
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SupersedesData ElementData ElementNon-admitted patient service event-service event identifierQH 042610 Version 1Superseded
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Implementation in Metadata Sets


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ViewMetadata Item TypeMetadata Item SubtypeNameIdentifer & VersionObligationApproval StatusEffective FromEffective To
Information AssetData CollectionQueensland Health Non-Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHNAPDC)QH 020262 Version 3ConditionalDraft01-Feb-2023
Information AssetData CollectionQueensland Health Non-Admitted Patient Data Collection (QHNAPDC)QH 020262 Version 2ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202231-Jan-2023
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