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An occasion of examination, consultation, treatment or other service provided to a non-admitted patient in a functional unit of a health service facility. 

Examples of occasions of service are outpatient appointments and community health visits.  An occasion of service may consist of a number of service events.
Institutional health care: occasions of service are required as a measure of non-admitted patient service provision
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Each diagnostic test or simultaneous set of related diagnostic tests for the one patient referred to a hospital pathology department consists of one occasion of service.

Excludes services provided to admitted patients of a facility at that facility's outpatient clinic.  Telephone calls are also excluded.
Monthly Activity Collection (MAC):
Although the counting unit 'occasion of service' was superseded from 30 June 2014, there are services that are provided by some hospitals which fall outside of the definition of a 'service event' as they do not provide clinical care.
These services include 'Other Outreach Services' (eg home cleaning, meals on wheels or home maintenance) and 'Pharmacy' occasions of service.
Whilst these services are no longer required to be reported nationally, there is a requirement to report these services for state purposes to acknowledge the activity performed in the wider representation of the services provided by a hospital.
To continue to report this information, the term 'occasion of service' will still apply to these services and be reported to the MAC, providing the activity is operated and managed by the reporting entity and funded by the reporting entity.
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