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Renew a Licence to Operate a Health Facility Data Supply Requirement (DSR)
Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020301
Metadata Item Type
Data Supply Requirement
Metadata Set Type
Qld Legislation
Approval Status
Approval Type
Approving Authority
Director, Private Health Regulation Unit
Effective From
Effective To
To Renew a Licence to Operate a Health Facility Data Supply Requirement (DSR) provides details of how a private health facility can renew their licence to operate based on bed numbers and room designation.
Short Name
Collection and Usage Attributes
To give private health facilities a better understanding of the information that is required to be provided to the Department of Health (DoH) when applying for a licence to operate a health facility.
When the licence is first issued the facility holds the licence for 1 year. All licences being renewed in a year are renewed on the same date, 30 September.

The facility will receive notification from the department when the licence needs to be renewed. Once the facility has that notification, the form must be lodged by 31 August to allow 30 days processing time.
Information Security Classification
Statistical Unit
Data Submission Guidelines
Data Submission Methods
The mechanism for the submission of data is obtained through forms located on the Queensland Health Private Health Licencing web page.
Data Submission Dates
Relational Attributes
Included Data Elements and Performance Indicators


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ViewMetadata Item TypeNameAscendingIdentifier & VersionObligationApproval StatusEffective fromEffective to
Data ElementEstablishment-Australian state/territory identifierQH 041727 Version 1OptionalCurrent01-Jul-2016
Data ElementFacility (address)-Australian postcodeQH 041836 Version 1OptionalCurrent01-Jul-2016
Data ElementFacility (address)-email addressQH 041840 Version 1OptionalCurrent01-Jul-2016
Data ElementFacility (address)-suburb/town/locality nameQH 041835 Version 1OptionalCurrent01-Jul-2016
Data ElementFacility (address)-telephone numberQH 041838 Version 1OptionalCurrent01-Jul-2016
Data ElementFacility (name)-formal facility nameQH 041880 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2016
Data ElementFacility-private hospital licensee nameQH 041897 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2016
Source and Reference Attributes
Source Organisation
Department of Health (DoH)
Source Document
Application to renew a licence to operate a health facility form:

DSR; PHRU; Private Health Regulation Unit; Private Licencing; Renew a licence; Renew an existing licence