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Cause of death Unit Record File (COD URF) Data Supply Requirement (DSR)
Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020344
Metadata Item Type
Data Supply Requirement
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Approval Status
Approval Type
Approving Authority
Director, Statistical Reporting and Coordination, Statistical Services Branch
Effective From
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This Data Supply Requirement (DSR) describes the minimum requirements for data supplied from Australian Co-ordinating Registry to Queensland Department of Health for the Cause of death Unit Record File Data Collection.
Short Name
Collection and Usage Attributes
To collect data to undertake mortality analysis and compare Queensland's mortality trends nationally. These activities contribute to effective health planning, reporting and policy development within Queensland and allow the health status and trends of Queensland populations to be monitored. This information is a main contributor to the annual health report required by the Chief Health Officer that reports on the state of the health of residents in Queensland.
All deaths registered in Queensland and Australia in a particular reference year.
Full cause of death unit record file (without Registration Number and full date of birth) - National data only
Full cause of death unit record file (with Registration Number and full date of birth) - Queensland data only
Information Security Classification
Statistical Unit
Data Submission Guidelines
Data is collected by submitting an application to the Australian Co-ordinating Registry and paying a fee. Data may not be collected annually.
Data Submission Methods
Australian Co-ordinating Registry
Data Submission Dates
As requested.
Australian Co-ordinating Registry collates data from various sources such as Australian Bureau of Statistics, Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, National Coronial Information System, Doctor Certified Deaths - Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, Coroner Certified Deaths - Reports relating to the coroners' investigation, State and Territory death registrations.
Relational Attributes
Related Metadata References
Relates to Death Registrations QH 020227 Version 1
Implementation in
Included Data Elements and Performance Indicators


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ViewMetadata Item TypeNameAscendingIdentifier & VersionObligationApproval StatusEffective fromEffective to
Data ElementPerson-Indigenous statusQH 040290 Version 6MandatoryCurrent01-Jan-2021
Data ElementPerson-area of usual residence, statistical area level 2 (SA2) code (ASGS 2011)QH 041600 Version 1MandatorySuperseded01-Jul-201630-Jun-2017
Data ElementPerson-area of usual residence, statistical area level 2 (SA2) code (ASGS 2016)QH 041600 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-2017
Data ElementPerson-indigenous statusQH 040290 Version 5MandatorySuperseded01-Jul-201631-Dec-2020
Source and Reference Attributes
Source Organisation
Australian Co-ordinating Registry (ACR)
Source Document
Cause of death Unit Record File

Cause of death; COD; COD URF; Death; DSR