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QH 020002
Metadata Item Type
Information Asset
Metadata Set Type
Data Collection
Approval Status
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Approving Authority
Information Management Strategic Governance Committee (IMSGC), Queensland Health
Effective From
Effective To
Collection of statewide cancer incidence and mortality information.
Short Name
QCR Data Collection
Strategic Alignment Attributes
Actual or potential statewide coverage
Cancer notification is mandated in the Public Health Act 2005. All persons diagnosed with cancer in Queensland must be notified to the Queensland Cancer Register (QCR).
Absence would cause significant impact on QH business
Without the QCR, Queensland Health would not be able to monitor trends in cancer incidence and mortality and subsequently plan and appropriately distribute resources to support and improve state-wide cancer services. Queensland Health would not be able to fulfil national reporting requirements or contribute to the National Cancer Statistics Clearing house activities.
Supports enterprise-wide decision making
Collection of statewide cancer incidence and mortality information allows for appropriate, data driven decision making for Queenslanders. Data from the register assists in enterprise-wide planning, monitoring and evaluating of the quality of treatment and outcomes for cancer patients.
Supports enterprise-wide reporting requirements
The QCR is used to fulfil state and national cancer reporting requirements. QCR functions in accordance with all relevant privacy, confidentiality and security process to maintain patient information.
Supports the strategic directions of QH
QCR data can be used for: - Research. - Planning and assessment of cancer treatment and prevention services. - Monitoring incidence and survival trends for cancer. - Develop programs to educate our community on the risks of cancer.
Strategic Asset Indicator
Collection and Usage Attributes
Guide for Use
The register collects information about new cases of cancer and provides statistics including incidence, prevalence, survival and mortality. QCR is one of the largest population-based cancer registries in Australia and a unique data resource, dating back to 1982. Together with other State and Territory data, QCR data is used to compile national statistics on cancer incidence and mortality. The data is used to help support key activities such as health service planning and cancer research.
The QCR is a population-based register which includes all Queenslanders diagnosed with cancer.
Demographic and geographic details, cancer site, cancer morphology, date and cause of death.
Sites Implemented
State-wide register, managed by Cancer Alliance Queensland, Metro South Hospital and Health Service.
Published Outputs
See publications on website https://cancerallianceqld.health.qld.gov.au
Frequency of Updates
Information Security Classification
Additional data available on computer media.
Access Constraints
Contact Cancer Alliance Queensland.
Use Constraints
Contact Cancer Alliance Queensland.
The PH Act requires pathology laboratories, hospitals and nursing homes to notify the QCR about the incidence and mortality of cancer. 

Notifications of cancer are based on initial diagnosis of the cancer, often from pathology laboratories. 

There may or may not be a hospital admission or nursing home notification of the person suffering from the cancer. 

Further notifications are received from hospitals when a cancer patient is treated and from the Registrar-General when a person is certified as suffering from cancer at death. 

Occasionally advice of such a death is the only notification of a person to the QCR.
Statistical Unit
Number of cancer notifications.
Reporting Requirements
Statutory requirements.
Frequency of Reporting Requirements
National data available from the AIHW National Cancer Clearinghouse database.
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Has been superseded by Queensland Cancer Register (QCR) Data Collection QH 020002 Version 3
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ViewMetadata Item TypeNameAscendingIdentifier & VersionObligationApproval StatusEffective fromEffective to
Data ElementEpisode of admitted patient care-admission dateQH 040008 Version 2Current01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementEpisode of admitted patient care-mode of separationQH 040119 Version 8MandatorySuperseded01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementEpisode of admitted patient care-mode of separationQH 040119 Version 9MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementEpisode of admitted patient care-separation dateQH 040117 Version 3MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementEpisode of care-facility referred/transferred to, codeQH 040120 Version 3ConditionalSuperseded01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementEpisode of care-facility referred/transferred to, codeQH 040120 Version 4ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementEpisode of care-person episode numberQH 040007 Version 2Current01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementFacility-facility codeQH 040006 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementHospital service-care typeQH 040013 Version 9MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-202030-Jun-2021
Data ElementPatient identifierQH 042423 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementPerson (address)-Australian postcode of usual residenceQH 040081 Version 4MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementPerson (address)-Australian state/territory of usual residenceQH 040078 Version 3MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementPerson (address)-address of usual residenceQH 040079 Version 2Current01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementPerson (address)-suburb/town/locality of usual residenceQH 040080 Version 2Current01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementPerson (death record)-facility name or street address of death (RBDM)QH 040689 Version 2Draft01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementPerson-Indigenous statusQH 040290 Version 6Current01-Jan-202130-Jun-2021
Data ElementPerson-Medicare card numberQH 040164 Version 3ConditionalCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Derived Data ElementPerson-area of usual residence, statistical area level 2 (SA2) identifier (ASGS 2016)QH 041598 Version 3MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementPerson-indigenous statusQH 040290 Version 5Superseded01-Jul-201931-Dec-2020
Data ElementPerson-marital status (reporting)QH 042976 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementPerson-occupation (ANZSCO 2013, 1st edn, v1.2)QH 040812 Version 4Current01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Data ElementRecord (death)-death registration number (RBDM)QH 040691 Version 2Draft01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
Derived Data ElementStatistical Local Area (SLA) of usual residenceQH 040082 Version 2Retired01-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
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Cancer; QCR; Tumour