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Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020265
Metadata Item Type
Information Asset
Metadata Set Type
Data Collection
Approval Status
Approval Type
Approving Authority
Information Management Strategic Governance Committee (IMSGC), Queensland Health
Effective From
Effective To
SAP application data manipulated in the Budget Planning Tool (BPT).
Short Name
Budget Planning Tool Data Collection
Strategic Alignment Attributes
Actual or potential statewide coverage
The Queensland Health Budget Planning Tool (BPT) has 450 users across all Hospital and Health Service (HHS) and, the Department of Health (DoH). Users utilise BPT by manipulating prior year budgets or actuals extracted from SAP applications to create current year budgets (full time equivalents (FTEs)) and / or dollars for upload back into SAP S/4 HANA (for dollar budgets) and Decision Support System (DSS) (for FTE budgets).
Absence would cause significant impact on QH business
No, budgets would be prepared in Microsoft Excel, reducing budget build consistency, and user training and support efficiencies from having one state-wide solution, transparency, governance controls, etc. Budget preparation and lodgement would be substantially delayed if BPT was unavailable.
Supports enterprise-wide decision making
Ensures improved consistency, user training and support efficiencies, transparency, governance controls, etc. from having one state-wide budget planning solution.
Supports enterprise-wide reporting requirements
Ensures improved consistency, user training and support efficiencies, transparency, governance controls, etc. from having one state-wide budget planning solution.
Supports the strategic directions of QH
Ensures improved consistency, user training and support efficiencies, transparency, governance controls, etc. from having one state-wide budget planning solution. Aligned to DoH strategic objective 6 - Support the delivery of sustainable health services through integrated policy, funding and implementation efforts.
Strategic Asset Indicator
Collection and Usage Attributes
Guide for Use
Budget planning tool for use within Queensland Health (QH) to facilitate the $20B expense and revenue budget build loaded into the SAP S/4 HANA and the 87K FTE budget build loaded into DSS.
To provide QH with a consistent and standard platform for developing budget targets for FTE and finance dollars which interfaces with both the financial system SAP S/4 HANA and the Decision Support System (DSS).
Open to 450 approved and registered QH users state-wide who have been granted appropriate security access.
Financial and Payroll FTE data for multi-dimensional analysis at summary or transaction levels with applications for: Finance for managing dollars at cost centre and general ledger (GL) account level, Workforce and Establishment for managing FTE and labour business rules at cost centre, pay-class and position number level. Metadata for finance dollar budget data is a sub-set of SAP S/4 HANA metadata (i.e. finance data elements only) and metadata for FTE budget data is a sub-set of SAP ECC6 Human Resources and Payroll HRMIS metadata (i.e. payroll and positional data elements).
Sites Implemented
All QH HHSs (including their facilities) and DoH Divisions - secured access.
Published Outputs
In BPT and via SAP S/4 HANA General Ledger & DSS FTE reporting. In SAP S/4 HANA for budget revenues & costs (including cost centre & General Ledger account code details) and in DSS for budget FTE details (including cost centre, hours paid, wage type, position number & pay-point). That is BPT does not create new metadata but manipulates existing metadata to create future period budgets.
Frequency of Updates
Nightly updates from SAP S/4HANA and fortnightly from SAP HR Payroll.
Information Security Classification
BPT access is not available publicly, only to QH finance and business manager staff via requests to the BPT Team within Finance Solutions, Finance Branch, Corporate Services Division, Department of Health, Queensland Health.  

Data within BPT is not accessible externally apart from summary level budget information published in the QH & HHS annual financial statements within the QH & HHS annual reports.
Access Constraints
Limited to QH finance and business manager staff and their area of responsibility (i.e. their cost centres). User assess is centrally controlled by DoH.
Use Constraints
User security is based on the user's area of responsibility e.g. HHSs can't access other HHS data unless approved by that HHS Chief Finance Officer or Chief Executive Officer.
Extracts from SAP S/4 HANA, being financial data from QH General Ledger, and from SAP ECC6 HR Payroll HRMIS being Labour related FTE data.
Statistical Unit
Dollars and FTEs.
Reporting Requirements
BPT allows for entry of workforce (FTE) and financial (dollar) data through templates developed in Microsoft Excel, being the front-end user interface to BPT. BPT is designed to develop labour budgets directly from workforce plans using a consistent and standard methodology. Workforce plans can be developed at pay classification / point level or at position number using standard QH wage rates and business rules reflective of geographical locations across the state. BPT utilises information from the SAP S/4 HANA ALT 7 cost centre / organisational hierarchy, SAP S/4 HANA general ledger account codes, SAP ECC6 HR Payroll HRMIS master data and standard QH pay points. BPT provides a platform for managing large volumes of data and consolidation for all hierarchies available from the SAP S/4 HANA, DSS and SAP ECC6 HRMIS systems. BPT also provides a reporting capability prior to the upload of data in both SAP S/4 HANA and DSS. Financial & FTE budgets are reported against monthly for internal QH use and Queensland Government use. FTE budgets are reported against fortnightly for internal QH use.
Frequency of Reporting Requirements
Initial budgets are created in the period November to July for the future period July to June. Budget amendments are reflected throughout the fiscal year as it progresses.
BPT replaced in 2013 HHS and Division specific budget Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and locally developed systems which had limited consistency across sites.  
BPT is a user-friendly information system and assists in "top level" decision making based on a common and consistent methodology for all users and provides comparable data outputs.  Data can be viewed in BPT at the lowest level (e.g. pay class or position for FTE data or general ledger account code for Finance data).  
The data in BPT can also be rolled up and viewed at the highest level (e.g. HHS / DoH Divisional) or at various levels of the hierarchies.  
The benefits of BPT include:
- consistency in budget development across all HHSs and DoH Divisions;
- improved transparency on how budgets are developed;
- centrally administered and supported solution to ensure efficiency in the budget development process;
- it is secured and restricted to appropriate user access for the QH cost centre hierarchy as determined by senior managers and policies of each HHS or DoH Division;
- groups of users (common areas) can have access to the same level of data.  
BPT is available daily with a nightly maintenance window for background processing and data updates.  BPT is updated nightly from SAP S/4 HANA for cost centre and General Ledger account codes, and fortnightly from SAP ECC6 HR Payroll HRMIS for position number detail.  Data uploads to DSS and SAP S/4 HANA are run nightly from staging tables.
BPT is compliant with DoH and HHS funding and reporting guidelines.
Relational Attributes
Related Metadata References
Supersedes Budget Planning Tool (BPT) Data Collection QH 020265 Version 2
Implementation in
Included Data Elements and Performance Indicators
Data Quality Declaration
Medium quality, budget data prepared in BPT, used for monthly performance reporting across Queensland Health.
Source and Reference Attributes
Source Systems
Source Organisation
Finance Branch, Corporate Services Division, Department of Health, QH
Source Document
The BPT QHEPS home page is accessible at <INTERNAL QH LINK NOT AVAILABLE>.
The BPT data item definitions are accessible at BPT Glossary of Terms (health.qld.gov.au) or <INTERNAL QH LINK NOT AVAILABLE>.
BPT data is a sub-set of the DSS Finance and HR Payroll modules and their data item definitions are:
The DSS Finance S/4 module data item definitions are assessable at Finance Module Glossary 2021 (health.qld.gov.au) or
The DSS HR Payroll module data item definitions are assessable at DSS HR Payroll (SAP) Glossary of Terms 25 October 2016 (health.qld.gov.au) or <INTERNAL QH LINK NOT AVAILABLE>.

Amount; Budget; Cost centre; DSS; FTE; Full time equivalent; Hierarchies; HRMIS; Human resources; Pay point; Position; SAP BPC; SAP EEC6; SAP S4/HANA; Stream