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Radiation Therapy Data Collection (RTDC) Data Supply Requirement (DSR) 2019-2020
Identifying and Definitional Attributes
QH 020622
Metadata Item Type
Data Supply Requirement
Metadata Set Type
HHS Service Agreement
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Approving Authority
Executive Director, Healthcare Improvement Unit
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The Radiation Therapy Data Collection (RTDC) Data Supply Requirement (DSR) is a quarterly collection of patients who have begun a course of radiotherapy in one of 7 public hospitals. The RTDC collects demographic, waiting list and clinical information to meet Department of Health and Commonwealth reporting requirements such as the Radiotherapy Waiting Times National Minimum Data Set.
Short Name
RTDC DSR 2019-2020
Collection and Usage Attributes
In Queensland public hospitals, there is a need for uniform and reliable information on the activity, demand and performance of radiation therapy services. A statewide radiation therapy data collection provides Hospital and Health Services (HHS), and the Department of Health, with consistent and actionable data.
From 1 July 2015, the HHS Service Agreements include a requirement that all in-scope services provide data to the collection according to a minimum data set, outlined in this document.
The objectives of the RTDC are to:
-	Provide a standard for reporting patient level radiation therapy service data
-	Support consistency and integrity of information collection and recording
-	Meet national and state reporting requirements
-	Align with state and national developments in the radiation therapy domain.
Seven public hospitals in Queensland Health are required to provide a submission to the Radiation Therapy Data Collection. This requirement is included in the 2019-2020 Service Agreements between each HHS and the Department of Health.

Records in scope for the Radiation Therapy Data Collection are identified as those where a radiotherapy course of treatment was started within the reporting period. Treatment starts with the first fraction delivered and does not include the planning or simulation stages of radiotherapy.
The scope is not limited by diagnosis: it includes people with cancer (notifiable and non-notifiable) and people who do not have cancer.
For public establishments, all in-scope activity should be reported, including services provided by specialists operating under right of private practice arrangements.
Information Security Classification
Statistical Unit
The unit for the RTDC is a course of radiotherapy treatment that has started. National radiotherapy reporting requires that data submitted utilises the concept of a 'course of radiotherapy treatment started' when including and counting activity.
Data Submission Guidelines
More information regarding Radiation Therapy Data Collection submissions can be found in the manual, which is located: <INTERNAL QH LINK NOT AVAILABLE>
Data Submission Methods
The method of submission to the collection is detailed in the Healthcare Improvement Unit Data Collection Guide 2019-2020. All submissions, whether through an interfaced system and / or a file submission, must report the appropriate scope of unique radiation therapy records. Only one interfaced system will be used as an input into the RTDC for each facility. If multiple systems are used for operational purposes, the facility is responsible for communicating to HIU which interfaced system should be used as the input. If the second system contains records not entered into the main system, these must be provided in a file submission, which includes only those records not reported through the interfaced system
Data Submission Dates
The RTDC 2019-2020 operates quarterly and submission is required by midday on the last calendar day of the month following the end of the quarter eg midday 31 October for the July/Aug/Sept quarter.
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) includes the following notes regarding this concept:
A patient can receive more than one course of radiotherapy treatment at the same time (i.e. courses which are simultaneous or which overlap). These courses may have the same or different ready-for-care dates and the same or different radiotherapy start dates.
Only a radiation oncologist can prescribe a course of radiotherapy treatment. A prescription is not equal to a course of radiotherapy treatment. A prescription may be for one or more courses of radiotherapy treatment. A prescription outlines the anatomical region/sites to be treated and is for a prescribed dose at a defined volume (fractionation) over a defined period of time.
One course of radiotherapy treatment may cover multiple phases and multiple treatment plans.
The completion of a course of radiotherapy treatment is not relevant to the definition of a course of radiotherapy treatment.
Because a record is in scope once a course of radiotherapy treatment has started, a record in-scope must be reported only once. This means that regardless of whether the course continues through one or more subsequent reporting periods, the record must only be reported in the quarter it began.  
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Implemented inInformation AssetData CollectionRadiation Therapy Data Collection (RTDC) QH 020274 Version 2Mandatory01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
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Data ElementFacility-facility codeQH 040006 Version 2MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data extract period beginningQH 042065 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data extract period endingQH 042066 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-data source systemQH 042067 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementHealthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) data collection-number of data extract recordsQH 042068 Version 1MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementPerson (name)-first given name (HIU)QH 042069 Version 2ConditionalDraft01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementPerson (name)-second given name (HIU)QH 042070 Version 2ConditionalDraft01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementPerson-indigenous statusQH 040290 Version 5MandatorySuperseded01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementRadiation therapy treatment-clinical priority categoryQH 041935 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementRadiation therapy treatment-intention of treatmentQH 041936 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementRadiation therapy treatment-principal diagnosis code (ICD-10-AM 10th edn)QH 041937 Version 2MandatoryDraft01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementRadiation therapy treatment-radiotherapy start dateQH 041934 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Data ElementRadiation therapy treatment-ready for care dateQH 041933 Version 1MandatoryCurrent01-Jul-201930-Jun-2020
Source and Reference Attributes
Source Organisation
Healthcare Improvement Unit (HIU)
Source Document
 RTDC 2019-2020 Minimum Data Set, RTDC 2019-2020 Manual; HIU Data Collection Guide 2019-2020

Radiation therapy; Radiotherapy; Waiting time